1. This is Alu67 aluminum foil tray of Aikou foil. Restaurant love to use this foil tray for packing takeaway food. It coated by two color black and gold, It looks very beautiful and noble.

  2. Disposable takeaway food packaging foil container YS550 550ML Specification Top Out: 205x120mm Height: 36mm Capacity: 550ml Base: 180x92mm

  3. Because of the improvement of living level & the pursuit of beauty,more and more people take colorful wrinkle aluminum foil container to instead of ordinary silver aluminum foil containers. Especially in Middle East country, colorful aluminum foil food containers are becoming a hot trend for takeaway food catering and Ramadan.

  4. With Aikou foil food container, make your kitchen life easier

  5. Disposable wrinkled foil 4 compartments contianer Alu6990 1000ML Compartments aluminum foil container China manufacturer.

  6. Recently, our Aikou Aluminum foil container factory has developed and launched a latest oval smoothwall aluminum foil food container.

  7. Disposable wrinkled foil takeaway food container Alu1009 400ML

  8. Disposable smooth foil takeaway food container Alu72 800ML

  9. Disposable smooth foil takeaway food container Alu71 1000ML

  10. Disposable wrinkled foil food container Alu11550 1350ML Aluminum foil takeaway food container China wholesale