1. The Corrugated meal container has been widely used in airline hotels, bakeries, restaurants and house kitchen due to its characteristics of high barrier, easy heating, freshness preservation, and environmental performance.

  2. This is Alu67 aluminum foil tray of Aikou foil. Restaurant love to use this foil tray for packing takeaway food. It coated by two color black and gold, It looks very beautiful and noble.

  3. Nowadays, more and more restaurants select aluinum foil pan to packing and oven with pizza directly, so as to instead of cardboard pizza pan.

  4. Two Compartments Foil Restaurant Food Packaging Tray 4880G 800ML

  5. Restaurantusedisposablefoiltakeoutfoodpackagingbowl43383000ML</h2>ProductSpecification</h2>TopOut320×260mmHeight57mmCapacity3000mlBase260×200mmProductSize320×260×57mmCartonSize465×325×545mmPacki...

  6. Disposable aluminum tin foil food packaging tray 3226 1200ML. Foil food container use in restaurant to go food packaging and baking.

  7. Disposable restaurant to go food foil packaging tray 8 1500ML. Aikou foil disposable food container manufacturer from China.

  8. Wholesale disposable foil restaurant food packaging containers. Specification about aluminum foil container 3227.

  9. Aluminum foil takeaway container with lid for restaurant supply 2220-44 2200ML

  10. Disposable foil to go food packaging boxes for restaurant,aluminum foil food container China manufacturer.