1. How to Use a Aluminum Foil Pan As Roaster for Roasting Turkey

  2. This is Alu 1650 of Aikoufoil aluminum foil baking pan. Chinese New Year has come, we push out a new color style.

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  6. Now I recommend one easy made but appetizing cake-Light cheese cheesecake. Instead of using the foil baking cups with cake baking molds, I applied of disposable foil liners, convenient and good looking.

  7. Very convenient and beautiful disposable foil container, you don't need to clean it after using.

  8. Step: 1.Add 1000ml water into a small pot, put the slice sugar into the pot, heating to boil; 2.250g water chestnut powder was diluted with 500ml water; 3.Mix the hot sugar water and the water chestnut powder water, whisk well; 4.Pour the mixture into the heart-shaped foil cups; 5.Put them into the steamer, and steam it over high heat for 20 minutes; 6.Take out the water chestnut cupcake after cooling; 7.Turn the foil cups over to pour the cake out; 8.Enjoy

  9. Thesortofdisposablefoodboxes-FivecommontypeinthemarketWiththedevelopmentoftechnologyandchangeofpeople’slifestyle,moreandmorepeopleareusedtoaskfortakeoutfood,buthaveyouevernotedthepackage?Therearefive...

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