1. AIKOU Brand smoothwall aluminum foil cups for cake, dessert, muffin, ice cream and pudding etc

  2. The introduce about disposable aluminum foil packaging cup, which mainly apply to cake baking,yogurt packaging and ice cream packaging. Aikou Eco-friendly Material Co.,Ltd. Aluminum foil containers China manufacturer.

  3. Would you consider to use the disposable aluminum foil baking cup?

  4. What kind of cake suitable for aluminum foil cup ?

  5. Names about our baking cup's special design

  6. The style of aluminum foil baking cup's lid

  7. Names of Color About Aikou Aluminum Foil Baking Cups

  8. The introduce of disposable egg tart ramekins

  9. Heart-shape snowman cake baking Alu30

  10. Mini fruit muffin cake baking Alu12