1. Now I recommend one easy made but appetizing cake-Light cheese cheesecake. Instead of using the foil baking cups with cake baking molds, I applied of disposable foil liners, convenient and good looking.

  2. Aluminum foil cupcake liners is a new kind of cupcake baking moulds. Compared to the traditional paper baking liners, it has the following advantages: 1. foil cupcake liners will be stronger,it can stand up alone without baking pan. 2. Eco-foil-material is friendly to the environment. 3. Aluminum foil can do better on heat transference. 4. A variety of shapes and colors make it more attractive. China Aikou Foil baking cupcake liners manufacturer

  3. HowtomakeMangomoussecakes?Firststep:Usea6inchroundcakemouldtobakethebottomofcake.Ifyoudon’twanttowashthemouldandmakeeverythingconveniently,youcanconsidertheAikoufoilbakingcupFollowingwearegoingtomake...

  4. Our Aikou brand aluminum foil baking cup is suitable for microwave, oven & frozen, non-stick with cake, also very beautiful for fill with cake. Our baking cups are your wise choice for baking cake.

  5. Aikou brand aluminum foil cake cup is superior quality and hot selling in the market.

  6. Aikou boosts color offer in foil baking cups range

  7. Why Use Aluminum Foil baking cups?

  8. Mini Mushroom and Sausage Cake recipe

  9. How to choose a good muffin baking cups. Silicone baking cup,paper baking cups or aluminum foil baking cups.

  10. Cookies and strawberry cupcake with chocolate decorated Alu35 Aikou aluminum foil baking cups China factory.