The sort of disposable food boxes - Five common type in the market

The sort of disposable food boxes - Fivecommon type in the market

Withthe development of technology and change of people’s life style, more and morepeople are used to ask for take out food, but have you ever noted the package ?There are five kind of food box that more seen in the market.

1. Disposable foamed plastic tableware. Themain ingredient is polypropylene. Because it has the advantages of heatpreservation, pressure resistance, and low cost, it is widely used. However,due to white pollution, most of the country prohibite of use it.

One of the biggest hazards of disposablefoaming utensils is that when the temperature of the food exceeds 65 degrees,it will release toxic substances such as bisphenol A, which will penetrate intothe food, and if the polypropylene is not completely polymerized during thesynthesis, it will cause the dissolution of aggregates and trimers, which cancause damage to the liver and kidneys.

2.PP plastic food box, which is made of polypropylene. Thepolypropylene is high temperature resistant, it can stand the maximumtemperature up to 150 degrees, so for most of food, it is suitable for paking.The most important thing is that the tableware of polypropylene is transparent,strong, non-toxic and harmless. The commonly used lock box is this material.

3.Paper food box. Most of the raw materials are wood pulp, which isthen pressed and formed by stamping tools and applied the chemical additives tothe surface to prevent water seepage. Paper tableware is also non-toxic andharmless. In some high-end take-away stores, they will this kind box with theirlogo on the surface for food package, they believe it will make their food lookmore exquisite.

4.Degradable tableware. Plastics are also the main component, but addextra photosensitizers or starches. Under the action of microbial enzymes, thiskind of tableware will decompose into carbon dioxide and water, and will nothave harmful effects on the environment.

5.Aluminum foil food box, the newstar in the market. Made of food grade aluminum, non-toxic, safety,eco-friendly, recycling after used and help to save the resources. Heatresistant, suitable for microwave, long holding time. Strong barrier property,can maintain the original taste of food after sealing, and extend the shelflife of food.

Now do you have the concept about the typeof your food package and know how to choose the suitable one? To keep yourhealth and protect our environment, kindly choose those items that are no-harmto human being, and eco-friendly. But the most important one is to do a goodjob on garbage sorting, making the recyclable material in their right place.

Written by Suki Chan from Aikou Aluminumfoil


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