Self driving outdoor barbecue strategy with aluminum foil plates.

Selfdriving outdoor barbecue strategy with aluminum foil plates.

BBQessential items list

Summer is coming to an end. The weather ismuch cooler recently than before. It's very suitable for friends to go out tobarbecue.

I recently went to a good place, morepeople go, more fully prepared, can give you a reference!


Tent, moisture-proof mat, hammock, floorcloth, newspaper, napkin,

Barbecue oven, charcoal, solid alcohol,lighter, portable bucket, iron stick, wooden stick, splint, brush, tin plate,disposable tablecloth, disposable aluminum foil plate, disposable aluminum foilbowl ,aluminum foil pan, disposable chopsticks, ect.


Salt, cumin, oil, chilli noodles, oilspilled chili, garlic, all kinds of sauce.


Instant noodles, cold noodles, chicken feet

"Shepherd's purse" beef, mutton,wing root, chicken leg, pork, bone and meat connected, saury, shrimp, beeftendon

"Vegetarian" potatoes, sweetpotatoes, green peppers, corn, eggplant, cakes, and small steamed bread.


Mineral water, yogurt, soda, fruit juice,beer


Watermelon, grape, peach, appleect.

In addition, sun protection and mosquitorepellent work should also be done.

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