How to make the roast meat inside house by oven?

How to make the roast meat inside house by oven?

Even the weather is bad, such as running and storm, we can eat the roast meet in house. You don’t have to go out for barbecue. We can enjoy such delicious food in any time and any where.

1. Cut the meat into pieces. The size can be your option.
2. Cut the Onion and Red pepper into small piece
3. Mix the meat with all kind of flavour: salt, oil,Wine. Then adding the Gingers.
4. Freeze for more than 3 hour in refrigerator.
5. Prepare the Bamboo stick to string the meat, red paper and Onion, them put them on the aluminum foil plate

6. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes under the 200 degree.
7. Put the meet which was hold by the aluminum foil plate to the oven. The aluminum foil plate and hold the oil and it will be more easy for us to clean the oven
8.  Bake them for about 10 minutes under 220 degree, then set the bellow fire to 180 degree, above fire keep in 220 degree. After 10 minutes, you can enjoy the delicious roast meet.

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