BBQis the English abbreviation for Barbecue, which means barbecue. In the UnitedStates, the United Kingdom and other places, college students often have agroup of people, drive to a beautiful place and enjoy the "BBQ".


Thisis an interesting way of cooking, a bit like the Chinese kebabs in Xinjiang.BBQ is usually done outdoors. When people go out, they usually put charcoal onthe barbecue table, then ignite the charcoal with fire, then place the aluminumfoil plate on top of the charcoal, and then place the raw fish, meat and otherfood on the aluminum foil plate. Apply some soy sauce and chili noodles to thefood. In Western countries, barbecues are a popular cooking method when peopleare having a picnic outdoors or going out to camp. BBQ is also very common atChristmas parties in Australia and New Zealand. This method is often used inthe family to relax.

Originof the name

Thereis a testimony that the English name barbecue (commonly known as BBQ) may befrom the Caribbean. Once upon a time, the French pirates came to the CaribbeanSea. On the island, the whole slaughtered sheep was placed on the aluminum foil plate from the beard to the buttocks (de la barbe au cul). This food isreferred to as barbe-cul (French cul word) At the end of the "l" doesnot sound), evolved into the word barbecue, but because cue and the Englishletter Q homophone, it became barbeque, and later abbreviated as BBQ.


Interms of Chinese food, there is a kind of siu mei, including: roast goose,oyster sauce chicken, roast meat, pork roast, etc. It is not a kind of barbecuethat the diners themselves burn and eat, but English is also called BBQ.

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