How to use aluminum baking tray to make a French cuisine - Tartiflette

How to use aluminum baking tray to make a French cuisine - Tartiflette

A friend who study in France, always tell me how delicious about Tartiflette, a easy made French dish derived from Savoy around 1980s,mainly to market the reblochon cheese at first. Drive by the curiousness and the eager for fantasy taste, I tried and it turned out a heaven experience.

Bacon: 200g
Reblochon Cheese:1
Onion: 300g
Cream: 200ml
Butter: 3 small spoon
Oliver oil: 15ml
White wine:100ml


First, put the potato to the salt water, cook until just tender, when you can use a knife or chopsticks easily stick into the potato. Then take it out, and let it cool by itself.

Second,put some olive oil into the pot, and parch the bacon with onion, when they turn into golden brown , bring them out.

Third, peel off the cooling potato cut it into pieces with thickness 1 cm.

Forth, prepare a aluminum foil tray, spread butter on the bottom,cover with half of the potato, than let the half of the mixed onion and bacon apply evenly to the potato. After that, layer the rest potato and rest mixed onion & bacon again.

Fifth,layer the cream. And cut Reblochon horizontally, place the cheese skin up on the top.

Finally, preheat the oven to 200°and bake for 20 mins.

Voila, enjoy.
Written by Suki Chan on 2018-10-29

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