The Attractive of Aluminum Foil Baking Cup

The aluminum foil bakingcup is a cake box produced by using aluminum foil as a raw material and throughprocesses such as pressing and painting. Lightweight, recyclable, andincreasingly popular in the market.

Aluminum foil baking cup , it hasnon-toxic, resistant to high and low temperature, good thermal conductivity,light and beautiful, no pollution to the environment and so on. It not onlymaintains the freshness of desserts but also attracts consumers' attention. Wehave many color of the baking cup.

And it includes three kinds of Plasticlids: Flat Lid , Middle Lid, Dome Lid. As a new generation of daily life tools,aluminum foil baking cups are becoming more and more popular with consumers dueto their outstanding advantages. Products are widely used in food factories,bakery, hotels and homes, and are sold well in Europe, the United States, theMiddle East, Japan, South Korea and Guangdong, Hong Kong and other places, hasbeen deeply favored by consumers everywhere.

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Writing by Sally