1. The application of different kinds of aluminum foil containers.

  2. How many color choice for disposable aluminum foil containers?

  3. 3 tips on how to save the leftovers. Aikou Eco-friendly Material Co.,Ltd.

  4. More healthier disposable mini containers

  5. Short introduce about aluminum foil containers. aluminum foil containers manufacturer--Aikou Eco-friendly Aluminum Foil Co.,Ltd.

  6. The advantages of aluminum foil containers in freezing and heating food. Color coatings aluminum foil containers China manufacturer.

  7. The introduce about disposable aluminum foil packaging cup, which mainly apply to cake baking,yogurt packaging and ice cream packaging. Aikou Eco-friendly Material Co.,Ltd. Aluminum foil containers China manufacturer.

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  9. The types of edge of the aluminum foil containers

  10. Aluminum foil boxes is a kind of tableware used more widely. The thickness of aluminum foil boxes ​generally between 0.04 mm to 0.20 mm. It is two main style : wrinkled and smooth.