Fashionable and healthy Moon cake box

Fashionable and healthy Moon cake box

  As we know, plastic box is the traditional packaging for moon cakes.

But the color for plastic box packaging is single, they look very common.

Nowadays, some food factories select our aluminum foil box

to fill with their moon cakes.

Because they think aluminum foil box could be produced with different colors and patterns,

which will be more attractive and luxury for their lovely moon cakes.

Such as, gold, red, blue, heart-shaped pattern, cow design pattern etc.

Also aluminum foil box is suitable to heat seal with aluminum foil lid or plastic film.

It is good for long time moon cake storage,

and good to keep the natural favor for moon cakes.

You could also print your colorful logo on aluminum foil lid or plastic film.

It could show your brand to your customers obviously.

Here enclosed with part of our square aluminum foil containers which are suitable for moon cakes for your reference.

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